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Access to the uNMR-NL Facility

Distributed Magnetic Resonance Facility

The uNMR-NL facility is a distributed facility with five locations at five different Universities. The central access point is located at Utrecht University and the four grid sites are located at Leiden University, Wageningen University, Radboud University Nijmegen and Technical University Eindhoven.

Central access point uNMR-NL

The uNMR-NL 950 MHz magnet (22T) has been installed at Utrecht University in 2015. Access to this high-field spectrometer is achieved through an online application form (only available for registered users), which includes submission of a short project proposal.

Contact uNMR-NL

Dr. Klaartje Houben
Utrecht University
NMR research group

Grid sites

Besides access to the uNMR-NL 950 MHz for (solid- & solution-state) NMR and micro-imaging, the uNMR-NL facility also provides access to dedicated spectrometers at each of the grid-sites.

Biomolecular NMR and Computational Facility
Contact: Klaartje Houben and Hans Wienk
Paramagnetic bioNMR center, micro-imaging and solid-state NMR
Contact: Karthick Babu Sai Sankar Gupta
Solid-state NMR facility for advanced material science
Contact: Ernst van Eck
Biomedical MRI and MRS facility
Contact: Jeanine Prompers
Metabolic profiling & micro-imaging centre for plant, food and bionanotechnology
Contact: Henk van As