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Opening uNMR-NL roadmap facility

We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the uNMR-NL roadmap facility on November 5th 2015 to celebrate the recent installation of the first 950MHz NMR spectrometer of the Netherlands at Utrecht University.

To participate to this event, please fill out the registration form before October 23rd.


Opening (Chaired by Oscar van den Brink, COAST)

13.15     Arrival with coffee & tea

13.50     Welcome by Marc Baldus
              (Professor & Head NMR section, Utrecht University)

14.00     Sander Dekker
              (State Secretary Ministry of Education, Culture & Science)

14.10     Marjan Oudeman
              (President of the Executive Board of Utrecht University)

14.20     Tanja Kulkens
              (Deputy director NWO Chemical Sciences)

14.30     Official opening uNMR-NL facility


Scientific part (Chaired by Ernst van Eck, Radboud University)

15.15     Hugo van Ingen (Leiden University)
              Casting shadows of chromatin

15.35     Aldrik Velders (Wageningen University)
              Mega-magnets and micro-antennas for nano-NMR

15.55     Jeanine Prompers (Eindhoven University of Technology)
              In vivo metabolic imaging in obesity-related disease using magnetic resonance

16.15     Markus Weingarth (Utrecht University)
              Supramolecular Organisation of Biomolecules

16.40 - 18.00 Reception & tours to the NMR facility


The event will take place at the Utrecht Science Park:

1st floor, room 1.26 (COSMOS)
Budapestlaan 4a-b
3584 CD Utrecht

Travel information can be found here.

(Please note that the 50th NMR-DG will take place the next day. If you also want to participate in that event, please go to