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NMR facility Utrecht


National user can request NMR time at the SON NMR large scale facility (LSF) Utrecht through this site. First register as a LSF user and after login, you can proceed to the LSF webform to demand NMR measurement time. In the calendar you can see the availability of the spectrometers.

European users can request access to the Facility through iNEXT or INSTRUCT.

INTERNAL USERS (NMR group Utrecht)

In case you have no account yet, first register as a UU-NMR user. When you have an account, you can go to the UU webform to request measurement time. An overview of currently booked slots can be seen in the calendar.

uNMR-NL 950

Access to the 950MHz spectrometer requires a project proposal submission on the uNMR-NL 950 webportal.


For questions, please contact Klaartje Houben (solids) or Hans Wienk (solution).