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Events and conferences

Opening uNMR-NL facility

On November 5th 2015 we will celebrate the installation of the first high-field uNMR-NL spectrometer in Utrecht. Please contact the Utrecht NMR group for more information.



The 50th scientific symposium of the NMR Discussion Group will be held at Utrecht University on Friday November 6th, 2015. More information can be found on


Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance

Following the successful tradition of earlier meetings, we are pleased to announce the 5th international DNP Symposium was organized from August 31st and September 3rd, 2015 in Egmond aan zee in the Netherlands.

The symposium was part of the Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance Conference that also covers the COST Action EuroHyperPol final meeting.

For more information, go to the conference web-page: